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NEW FOR 2018!!

  • * If you are not satisfied with your membership after ten days, you can get a full same-day refund, no questions asked.
  • Get up to 3 Custom built DRAFT KITS (FREE) included with the one-time subscription fee.
  • New DFP (Daily Fantasy Play) line-up recommendations.
  • Use our ASK THE FAMILY feature an UNLIMITED amount of times from the day you sign up, through January 2019.
  • New Draft Day Emergency Priority Response Team (we assign a Godfather to you and we watch for your incoming pre-season draft-day questions and flag them as 'high priority' for ridiculous fast LIVE IN-DRAFT same round recommendations! Wow!
  • Fastest and most accurate Response Times (FASTEST turn-around-time in the industry using our ASK THE FAMILY feature!!)
  • Ask "Game-day Questions" up to 20 minutes before kick-off!
  • Access to 40 fantasy football articles per week for the whole season.
  • Custom daily rankings for ALL scoring formats.

"Let the Godfathers PROTECT you this fantasy season!"

WHAT DO YOU GET with a subscription?

We are the most personalized and custom fantasy football advice site available today. For a one time fee of $25.99 for the 2018 fantasy season you will receive FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS and daily coverage in the form of 40 new articles a week for 6 straight months (see more detailed breakdown below).

We are a support service that will bring you LIVE, to the minute, fantasy advice in real-time as we are here for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even on Thanksgiving Day and any all HOLIDAYS, we never ever close until your season is over!!!

If that weren't enough, in addition to the daily readable content, you will get FULL UNLIMITED access to our most coveted ASK THE FAMILY feature, where we allow users to email direct questions to the Godfathers regarding your specific draft, roster, line-up, potential trade deals, anything you can think of regarding fantasy football and you get FAST, SAME-DAY, CUSTOMIZED responses from the Godfathers about your unique (Auction league, Re-draft, Keeper, Dynasty, 2 QB, I.D.P., multiple flex leagues, Hybrid leagues, PPR leagues, .5 PPR, Standard scoring, suicide pools and 'one-day' DFP league line-up advice as well!!)

**What separates us from all the other fantasy football sites is that NONE of our content or ranking lists are generated using a computer generated algorithm. We are actual experts who make a living off of Fantasy Football and who will go over your specific situation within your league and give you custom advice based off of our conversations with you.

Our rankings are built by hand, one name at a time.

Once you have signed up and JOINED THE FAMILY, you should reach out to the Godfathers directly via our industry leading ASK THE FAMILY link within our website and you will then make live contact with one of the five Godfathers who will do an initial overall assessment of your league and upcoming draft situation (assuming you sign up with us before you draft).

If you join after your league has already drafted, we will just get into an immediate roster assessment and view the status of the other teams in your league, as well as a scan of your league's waiver to advise you on any immediate upgrades you could make.

Our LIVE ADVICE feature is the best place to start, once you've reached out to us you get officially verified in and you can begin to explore all of the articles, rankings and data grids we put out which are update on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding this subscription or any other aspect of the "sign-up" process, please email us at: fantasygodfathers@gmail.com. Thank you and we look forward to protecting you this season!!!



Detailed Content Schedule Breakdown:

Mondays: Every Monday you will receive access to 3 new articles, OFF THE RECORD which is a weekly STOCK-WATCH of players with rising/falling values, FUHGETABOUTIT Free Agents, which is a list showing you the hottest pick-ups to look for in your league.

Tuesdays: S.O.S. (our Strength of Schedule) grids are updated to show you a color-coded breakdown of the six fantasy positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF) and how they match up each week, STAND-UP GUYS is a list of the best players to try and 'trade for', ON THE LAM is an article showing you which players to try and 'trade away' each week, and MNF is a weekly piece breaking down the weekly Monday Night Football game and what fantasy implications result from it.

Wednesdays: OFFENSE vs DEFENSE is a weekly series of 5 charts showing you 5 graphs and how the offensive fantasy positions rank against the current defense they face for the upcoming week, BULLET-PROOF RANKINGS are our weekly rankings adjusted daily and show you ranking for standard and PPR scoring as well as Flex rankings for each scoring system, BIG $$$ EARNERS is an article we created to help show you some names of players who are cheap to acquire and who will pay large dividends down the stretch, T.D. VULTURES is a weekly graph with analysis, showing you the players who are getting the most red-zone action.

Thursdays: COMMISSION REPORT is a series of six charts showing you our "Rest of Season" rankings to help you make those long-term decisions when doing add/drops or making deals. SNEAK TIPS is our last piece released every Thursday showing you our 'pass targets' analysis.

Fridays: GAME PICKS is a chart we share each week showing you what we feel the scoring outcome of each game will be with and without the spread considered, OFFER'S YOU CAN'T REFUSE is our weekly version of a "Start Em Sit Em" piece giving you our top recommendations after seeing a whole week's worth of practice reports.

Saturdays: LIFE or DEATH NEWS that will focus mostly on Daily Fantasy Play and line up recommendations for that but we do mix in other information such as O-line rankings or potential starting job changes, BUCK SHOTS is a piece we focus on rushing and passing matchups specific to the upcoming week at hand.

Sundays: DRIVE-BY'S is our Sunday morning list of those last-minute plug-n-play type desperation starters you may be looking for if you had a player with a late scratch or out due to an injury, HITLIST is our weekly list showing you those players we feel are on the decline and are soon to be fantasy irrelevant.

***In addition to all that weekly content we also offer you 11 other articles that are updated each week and here is a list of those:

WOTS (Word on the Street) is our daily running list of fantasy news-breakers
WHACKED LIST is our running injury report
MADE MEN is our list of those studs that have earned 'never-sit' status
RB HANDCUFFS is our piece showing you the top back-ups for all starting RB's
TOP 200 is our stat sheet giving you the top performers overall
I.D.P. is our page dedicated to Individual Defensive Positions and the top LB's, DB's and DL's for each week
PLAYER STATS is where we show you all the numbers for each of the six fantasy positions individually
TD LEADERS is our chart that shows you the top TD guys at each position
DEPTH CHARTS is where we show you the most valuable guys at each position and who is next in line behind each
WK x WK SCHEDULES is where we show you the date/time for each NFL game
SLEEPIN WIT DA FISHES is the page players go to once they've become completely fantasy irrelevant due to injury/suspension/benching

**** The ASK THE FAMILY is our top feature, coveted by thousands and in our eyes is worth the subscription price all by itself For some, this ASK THE FAMILY feature is used as a type of 'commissioner' for leagues, where owners use us, to preside over league problems/issues/controversies as we serve as a unbiased judge in all matters and just give you our opinion on how best to resolve league issues.