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  • A customized cheat sheet that you can use in your draft that will consist of player rankings only for your league's specific scoring system!
  • A chart that will allow you keep track of all the picks in your draft, (even if you draft online in an automated setting, we encourage keeping track on paper as a back up and for additional reference.)
  • A grid that will help you record each player drafted and the players your opponents draft so you can know which positions are being filled first. How does that help you ask? Example: Let's say you have the 8th pick in a 10 team league. When the pick comes to you in round 3, lets say you need to pick a QB, but your chart we give you shows that both owners picking 9th and 10th (after you) already each own a QB, that would tell you do not grab the QB rd 3, no need to, wait and grab your QB rd 4 as both guys picking after you won't be stealing your pick.
  • Draft strategy advice straight from the Godfathers.

If you know the answers to all the questions when we build you draft kit, we'll offer up a few initial rounds of advice as to how we think the draft will unfold and who we would look to grab early on. FUHGETABOUTIT!!