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 Word On The Street


·        SHOCKING NEWS that Josh Gordon (who seemed to be doing fine) is once again a complete jokester and can’t keep his shit together.  He is “taking a leave of absence” for mental health reasons but we hear the main reason is because he can’t stay off the weed and is facing a long ban if he remained active.  Either way, owners lose Gordon 3 days before the fantasy title games.  Chris Hogan now emerges as a WR3 potential option.  

·        Chargers WR Keenan Allen is looking like he is going to try toughing it out week 16 with his hip injury.  This is a tough matchup and if Allen is active, Mike Williams is not going to be as tantalizing a one week filler as we thought.

·        James Conner is trending to be OUT once again week 16, screwing fantasy owners big time, especially since most Conner owners rode him to the fantasy playoffs all year long, he was a RB1 beast.

·        Todd Gurley is looking “iffy” for week 16 since the team is thinking they are working him too hard and may scale back his week 16 reps vs a weak overall Arizona Defense that they can likely win this week without having to lean all game on Gurley.

·        Lamar Miller’s week 16 status is in question as he did not practice in full again this past Wednesday.  If you see D’Onta Foreman activated late this week then that is a bad sign for Miller’s status.

·        Spencer Ware seems on track to return week 16 and if he does, that will massively muddle the KC backfield as neither Ware nor Damien Williams would be a locked in RB1 stud as both men could rob one another in a random distribution of carries fashion.

·        Nick Foles will start again for the Eagles week 16 despite the fact the team is NOT putting Wentz on the IR yet.  We doubt you will see Wentz again in 2018 but the Eagles are leaving the door open.  Wentz is now a huge liability indefinitely as his back is far from healthy.  

·        Tyler Boyd suffered a low grade MCL sprain week 15, we doubt he will be able to play week 16 vs Cleveland so that would leave John Ross as the main WR here.

·        The Steelers are claiming that Chris Boswell will remain their kicker for week 16 and beyond.  

·        Austin Ekeler is looking like he will return week 16 from a knee injury.  That could render Justin Jackson useless since Melvin Gordon is looking back too week 16.

·        Keenan Allen has a shot to return week 16 after leaving week 15 with a hip injury.   If he remains out or trying to play hurt, Mike Williams and Tyrell Williams would be in line for huge boosts up in appeal.

·        Josh Reynolds was robbed of a TD catch week 15 as the angle of the replay looked like the ball did not break the goal line plane when his shin was down.  We are talking inches here and the replay did not look conclusive enough to overturn the TD ruling on the field but it did, and the TD then went to Gurley for the 1 yard rush.   The joy of fantasy continues.

·        Alshon Jeffery finally came back alive week 15 with a 8-160-0 game.  Jeffery was new QB Nick Foles’ favorite target and he could continue to excel with Foles in there week 16 vs Houston.

·        Doug Baldwin looked healthy week 15 catching two TDs, now he gets a KC defense that shows up each week only in spirit so he could go nuts week 16.