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·        Zeke’s suspension is back on, next hearing is not until 12-1-17 so Morris, McFadden and Rod Smith must be rostered until we see this backfield play out for 2 games, any one of these guys could emerge if one rips off a huge run.

·        David Johnson is set to get his cast removed so he is on pace to be back about week 13-14 at this time.  

·        Mohamed Sanu must be rostered since Julio is dealing with an ankle injury to go along with his normal regular back pain.  If Julio lasts through week 14 we’d be shocked.

·        The Packers released Martellus Bennett who barely tried to fit in here and who announced he is likely retiring and he was saying that like 4 games into the 2017 season so he clearly screwed the Packers by leading them to believe he wanted to be there.  The Patriots scooped him back up so he is back with the only team he ever really did well on as a back up to Gronk.

·        Eddie Lacy had to leave wk 9 and his groin could cause him to miss week 10 leaving Thomas Rawls as the potential lead RB.

·        Josh Gordon has been reinstated and is eligible to return week 13 so stash him if you need late season WR upside.

·        In what is a total joke, AJ Green was not suspended for choking then slamming then punching Jaguars Ramsey.  Mike Evans did 1/3 the damage Green did and Evans got a 1 game suspension for it.  The NFL’s punishment policy is so beyond screwed up and ridiculously stupid that is really laughable how inconsistent they go after certain players and let others slide with no punishment.  

·        Mike Evans was suspended 1 game for throwing punches week 9.  As we stated above, he did not do half as much as AJ Green did and Green got nothing but a fine, fining athletes money is the biggest joke punishment in creation.

·        Dez Bryant tweaked his ankle and knee week 9 so his wk 10 status is in jeopardy.

·        Matt Bryant’s wk 10 status is in jeopardy after he hurt his leg in warm-ups wk 9 and still played but was complaining of leg pain after the game so stay tuned…

·        Jameis Winston is getting shutdown for at least 2-3 games to rest his shoulder so Ryan Fitzpatrick is on and his presence should give a boost to this offense overall.

·        Denver is staying with Brock Osweiler for week 10 or until Paxton Lynch is ready.  We can’t recall the last time we watched a QB as sad as Osweiler is and he is getting paid tens of millions of dollars, wow.

·        Browns WR is able to return week 11 so get him rostered now if possible.

·        Julio Jones seems one cut away from breaking down as he is nursing a leg injury and a back injury right not.  That Julio dropped TD week 9 was a sign of things to come.  Major 2017 BUST.  

·        DeMarco Murray is nursing a sore knee and that could get worse soon so you must stash Derrick Henry again.

·        We could see TJ Yates soon as the Texans QB if Tom Savage keeps throwing like he did week 9.  

·        Zeke Elliot’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals hearing is scheduled this Thursday 11-9-17 so we may finally get a final resolution as to when and if his 6 game ban will be finalized.  

·        We see Teddy B starting for the Vikings by week 12.

·        SUPER MASSIVE TOTAL DESTRUCTION!! DESHAUN WATSON WENT DOWN IN PRACTICE AND THE TEAM THINKS HE TORE HIS ACL, DONE FOR 2017,  Will Fuller will become a 100% useless WR to use as anything more than a low end WR3 scrub after being a WR1 the last 4 weeks and Hopkins goes back to being a low end WR2, Lamar Miller loses RB1 appeal and is also a low end RB2 now, this is like when Rodgers went down in GB, all of the guys who were once “studs” are now very risky shaky low end fantasy starters aside from Hopkins on Houston and Aaron Jones on GB.  WOW!

·        Kelvin Benjamin was traded from Carolina to Buffalo and a surprise move.  That leaves Devin Funchess as the new #1 here and bumps Jordan Matthews in Buffalo out of the fantasy picture once Kelvin gets acclimated to the new offense.  

·        Miami traded RB Jay Ajayi to Philly for what amounts to a bag of M&M’s.  They basically gave Ajayi for free to Philly for a 4th round pick.  Miami is also shopping around Landry and have until 4pm EST today to get a deal done.  Kenyon Drake is likely the new #1 here with Damien Williams the 3rd down RB.  If Landry is traded then D Parker gets a huge bump up.  

·        Jerry Jones is claiming Alfred Morris will be their new lead RB with Elliot suspended.  Darren McFadden is still worth owning too and could outplay Morris since Morris has looked horrible lately in what little action he has received.  

·        Judge dissolves Zeke’s Temporary restraining order, his 6 game ban is back on as of now.  McFadden needs to be rostered and held even if Zeke appeals again.  At some point we feel his ban has to be finalized.  

·        Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded from the Pats to the 49ers and they subsequently cut Brian Hoyer and after a game or two we expect Jimmy to take over here since Beathard has been horrible.  Jimmy is worth a grab in deeper leagues if you are struggling for QB upside.

·        We doubt Aaron Rodgers is back week 15 or 16 since he will be borderline healthy at best and we do not see GB having a realistic shot at the playoffs and that is the only way Rodgers would attempt to rush back.  Same goes for Cardinals RB David Johnson and his expected week 12-13 possible return.