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 Word On The Street




·        Antonio Brown is being disciplined behind closed doors for blowing off a team meeting yesterday (Tuesday).  This came after he tweeted “Trade me and let’s find out” in response to a Twitter troll and also after he and OC Randy Fichtner got into a heated argument on the sidelines in week 2.  This will only force Big Ben to force it into Brown more week 3 so if you are a Brown owner you should love reading this.

·        Aaron Rodgers’ longevity outlook for week 3 is looking mighty sketchy as his knee is apparently getting worse and is likely to continue deteriorating due to use (he needs rest) so if we own Rodgers we are very worried now as we are if we own D Adams and/or Cobb or A Jones or J Williams (already making us nervous).  You better get a legit back up plan in place so QBs like Goff or Rivers or Garropolo might be attainable in a deal or you grab Ryan Fitz off the wire.

·        Leonard Fournette seems on track to play week 3 and that is great news for Fournette owners after Yeldon was a flop week 2 in a spot start role.  He had two solid games last year vs the Titans (his week 3 opponent).

·        The Browns traded Gordon (in a conditional deal) to the Patriots on Monday and that was a great upgrade move that Gordon owners love to hear.  Although it is an upgrade do not get too hyped here as he will be WR3 material but with Hogan, Edelman, Gronk and the guys like J White, the Pats will spread it around a ton as always and Gordon will be helpful mostly as a guy drawing heavy attention so we aren’t expecting WR1 or WR2 numbers of any consistency.  He may also just get hammered again and be let go in 2 weeks so expect little so you’re not disappointed.

·        Miami WR DeVante Parker is looking like he will finally return week 3 after being ready week 2 but sitting.  No one seems sure what his role will be but given his size, the current WR corps of Stills, Wilson, Amendola are like 3 “Little People Big World” stars so they need Parker’s redzone presence and jump ball threat since no one else is stepping up or is capable of stepping up in that area.  We’d stash him if we could, maybe he gets traded on whim to Dallas.

·        Larry Fitzgerald is looking like he will play week 3 but we would look to other choices if we could.  The Bears have elevated their defense lately and are now a matchup to avoid if possible.

·        Cincy RB Joe Mixon is out 2-5 weeks with a knee injury.  That means Giovani Bernard will take over with Mark Walton behind him.  Mixon is likely to miss at least 4 weeks as other players with similar injuries take 6 weeks to get back to action.